United Remains the Problem Child of the U.S. Airline Industry

Apr 24 - In a winter that socked air travel, many airlines nonetheless emerged with profits. And then there’s United, where the red ink flowed in the first quarter of the year given the weather and sales that continue to lag the airline’s three enormous domestic rivals.

United Loses $609M in 1Q

Apr 24 -  United Airlines is the one U.S. carrier that can't seem to get its act together. While all the other major airlines made money in the first quarter, United lost $609 million during the first three months of this year.

Why the Numbers Just Don't Add Up to Buy United Airlines

Apr 23 - It seems as though every month the improving fundamentals in the airline sector make it worth scouring the group for a cheap pick. Inevitably, United Airlines pops, up but every time the numbers just don't justify buying the stock.

Airlines Warn Denver Airport That Rising Costs Could Force Flight Cuts

Apr 22 - Denver International Airport's airlines have warned that rising costs could severely affect their reliance on Denver as a hub for connecting flights.

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