JFK - May 2014 Bid Award Error

Apr 18 - The original May 2014 bid awards for JFKSW that were published around Noon today, Friday, April 18, are incorrect.   All May Lines-of-Flying for JFK have been removed from Unimatic.   A new award has been completed and schedules have been released.

Aflac Enrollment Update

Apr 18 - As we've reported, open enrollment for Aflac/CAIC voluntary supplemental insurance plans, available to United Flight Attendants, will close next Friday, April 25, 2014.

Involuntary Furlough Payments Begin May 1

Apr 18 - The United Flight Attendants who were subject to United's Involuntary Furlough will receive their Contractual furlough payments (Section 21.H.) beginning May 1, 2014.  

Safety Reporting Systems Review

Apr 18 - United's reporting systems have changed over the past few months, and it's important to understand which report applies to which circumstances.

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